Saturday 16th of May 1998

Groups in these places planned street parties on May 16th.

The reports sent to RTS London by May 28th have been posted here as received.

Ankara, Turkey .
Athens report
Arcata, WA (USA) report
Barcelona, Catalunya (?) .
Berlin, Germany report
Berkeley, California reports web site video
Birmingham, England report web site personal take
Bogota, Columbia no go
Brisbane, Australia report
Darwin, Australia ooops...
Derry, Northern Ireland .
Dresden, Germany report
Dublin, Ireland .
Geneva, Switzerland report
Gothenberg, Sweden .
Hamburg, Germany .
Ljubljana, Slovenia report
Lyon, France report
Madrid, Spain .
Melbourne, Australia report web site
Nantes, France .
Nuremberg, Germany .
Olympia, WA (USA) Arcata
Prague, Czech Republic report web site photos
Seattle, WA (USA) .
Stockholm, Sweden report web site
Sydney, Australia reports web site 'nother one
Tallinin, Estonia report
Tel Aviv, Israel report web site
Thüringen region, Germany .
Toronto, Canada report web site
Tucson, Arizona (USA) .
Turin, Italy .
Turku, Finland report web site
Utrecht, Netherlands report
Valencia, Spain report
Vancouver, Canada report
York, England report
Zagreb, Croatia .
Zurich, Switzerland .

Updated 28 May 1998
More reports, please - and if anyone wants to proofread these reports and mail them back, that'd free us up to get on with the London parties on 6 June!
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