Global Street Party, 16 May 1998 - report


The day after being relised from prison for forest potests at the eden wood chip mill were we had a small but effective week-long protest: On one day we stoped 30 log trucks entering the mill with 30 people and a sound system. Fifteen of us where arrested.

It was after my release from prison that I was informed that there was a global Reclaim the Streets in a weeks time... It became one of those chaos disorganisation sleep-deprivation events. Suprisingly we got it together, even with a lack of support from environment groups and previous organisers who held little hope in our $50 budget.

On the day we got about 80 people and managed to take over St George's Road and then Brunswick Street (the main café and shopping area of the Fitzroy neighbourhood) until 11 at night.

Usual kaos in the beginning: decks didn't turn up till 2pm. The street parade and party were held togetther by a walkman and a mini-disk player! Shop owners were enthusiastic... fluoro banners from police cars and the police even tapped their toes to the thumpin techno. Small, but a good comunity vibe more to come much power to ya - seryuiop wert

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