Global Street Party, 16 May 1998 - report


brisbane reclaim the streets happened!

Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 06:30:22 PDT

Police, police, fat and some rather trim police. putting lots of people into paddywagons.even a couple of mounted police.lots of television people filming arrests.took police approx 1hr to turn of electronic music-they towed it away.then 2+ hrs of drumming and whistling.small but effervescent crowd partied till dark, gave ourselves a big hug and went home!it may have been a small scene compared to london or birminham however the passion and excitement were incredibly present and the interference from police may have been iritating and unnecessary it was still an adrenalin buzz and it will never deter us from future events. That's all for now it's a bit jumbled but so are we



hello Maeve if you see this

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