Global Street Party, 16 May 1998 - report


Hello comrades,

on the 16th of may also in berlin we had a rts-party on a road crossing in the center of berlin, 150 meters from Alexanderplatz (main square of east-berlin). We had a group of approx. 800 walking demonstrants and 150 people with bycicles divided in two groups. all 3 groups came together in the same moment at the party site. a huge soundsystem (made by the berlin group "radikal rave") and a quite big drum group made the music, people brought more drums and stuff like chairs etc., danced, smoked, drank, played volleyball, chess, artistical stuff and so on. People were in a very good mood and now everybody is encouraged to go on.

As after the riot scenes on the 1st-of-May-demonstrations in berlin there was quite a big media campaign against police violence (you know that in berlin we have an army general as minister for inner affairs, the worst guy you can imagine for this job - he wants a clean capital) and that must be why we were like left in peace there. We had "only" 3 people arrested and a handful of people were hit by policemen. Two other reasons for the peace were there: Police didn't know about our plans (we were quite well organized for the first time. Everybody knew only what he had to know - for example i don't know if someone else is writing a report to you) and for the first time we didn't choose one of the very big squares. Next time it'll be bigger...

socialist regards and good luck for the 6th of june in london! some of us will be there.

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