Global Street Party, 16 May 1998 - report

Tel Aviv

We Reclaimed our streets in Israel (with some help from the police) yesterday 16/05/98

Megama Yeruca with Peula Yeruca have organized the first street party in Israel. Anonymous for animal rights and the local green party joined us. Over 500 people walked and danced from Dizingof Squre to the beach, while a van with DJ was driving in front doing the music.

We had fun, it was great, and 4 people were nearly arrested

Today, Sunday 17 May 1998, 50 people protested outside the embassy of India against the nuclear tests. As if we don't have nukes!

Israel, wake up! And free Vanunu.

Hello town Indians!

I'm rony from Tel Aviv. We decided to get a police permit for our party -to avoid violence In a possible clash with them.This also enabled us to prepare and distribute lots of invitations and to get publicity in the local radio shows and newspapers. We had permit for only two streets but since we became a crowd of a few hundreds we went on as we liked and the police had no choice but to limit itself to keep the traffic from hurting us.

We started from dizengoff square in the middle of town , and after few streets the police demanded the truck with the sound system to rush ahead and meet us at a parking lot near the sea, in accordance with the permit. We manuvered the confused crowd twards the road that passes near the coast line, but when the truck arrived few of us jumped to the middle of the road instead of the sidewalk as we the agreement with the police demanded. The crowed followed us and the road turned from a traffic jam to a road rave with hundreds of peaple shouting and demanding "clean air" , "public transport", and "bicycle lanes". Because few activists got involved with the police (which, frankly, was very tolerate) the policemen rushed us to the parking lot (close to Jaffa) and the party ended in a pleasent sunset rave. I say - be smart - use the police if you can, do'nt clash with them If it's unneseccary and go no R E C L A I M I N G !!!

People are asking about the next party. Our main struggle today is against the Trans Israel Highway(road No.6). Any spray or other action against Hughes, Canadian Highway Inc., or the french bank "societe Gnerale" which participate in the project, is welcome.




Be strong precious Indians !

Keep In Touch.

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