Global Street Party, 16 May 1998 - report


On 12 EET, about 400 people gathered in both meetings at Turku, one at Gabriel Porthan's park, another near railway station. I was on the later group. We followed drumming to the place, wich was great - about 300-400 metres of road in the city center, including one of the main bridges over the river.

Around 5 pm I counted 750 people, 'cause people were coming and going all the time, amount of 2000 total participators wouldn't be over-estimated - making Street party 3 thus biggest in Finland until now. Weather was great, +20 C. Different anarchist and other flags were hung over the bridge. No problems with police (Finnish police is worth of exporting), two said that "no problem with your illegal demo, but please a bit less volume" and that was done.

Techno music was played until 8 pm, later in the evening there was punk party and rave indoor, rave lasted until 8 am.

Next time a bit more political party, that's my opinion. Please promote party 4 of Finland, Helsinki 25.7.1998. Propably there'll be pics in Earth First! Finland page soon, check for them.

The first Street party in Turku went so swell the organizers and the party people could just smile and party on!

We took over one of the main bridges in the center+a block of a street. We had two groups of people coming from different directions + a small road block group that came to the spot first.

After the bridge was succesfully RECLAIMED, the music sets put in condition and the green'n black and red'n black flags put up in the flagpoles the party began!! Soon the police came by but just to say that they weren't going to do anything to spoil the party.

It was the best party ever! There wasn't one cloud on the sky the whole day and there was no trouble or riot. About 2000 people stopped by to party (about 1000 at a time) We were so happy that for one day all we could do is smile and be happy and start the summer together with all our friends and make new friends. Peace! There is time for struggle but there is time for chill! Love and strength for all!

There are pictures here.

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