Global Street Party, 16 May 1998 - report


As part of the Global Street Party against globalisation RTS Utrecht (Netherlands) organised a streetrave on may the sixteenth. For five hours a wild dance party of eighthundred+ blockaded a six lane highway close to the central station. Police was surprised that the demonstration at a certain point decided not to follow the rest of the announced route, simple barricades were easily placed. RTS Utrecht wanted the party to last untill 18:00 hours. Around that time the police announced that the city streetcleaners would be willing to assist us in cleaning the partyarea. They would be ready to start at 20:00 hours. At a quarter past eight the dancing crowd left the street and went to a nearby park where the party ended in high spirits.

For many this party was an eyeopener. Combination of direct action (effectively blockading a main thoroughfare for five+ hours), participating in a demonstration in combination with a great free party. For others the great surprise was the behaviour of the cops; earlier streetparties in Amsterdam were confronted with an agressive zero-tolerance attitude.

At the meeting point they mingled with the crowd, sat on the pavement waiting for the sound system to arrive. When it (finally) arrived they really assisted getting the generator going, eager to get wherever we would take them. At the party site itself they kept a low profile (although some even moved to the 120+ bpm). We are ready to start organising the next one (when? Where? will be announced in due time).

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