Global Street Party, 16 May 1998 - report

Pragu (Prague)

First party in Prague ever!!! - 4 soundsystems, 20 Djs 30drumrs,puppet show, fireperformance = over 3000 people joined the first street party in Prague, blocking the main road in Prague!!!, POLICE didnt know how to react, some people and more policeman injured!!!, one police car demolished + few bilboards, people really liked it, but the riot was too big, hope noone will be erested?!

Prague street party went excelent, everyone was suprised and had fun, we have about 2000 new activist in Czech Republic -- ha ha ahaha ha ha

YES - it was excellent, supper, huge, big, ...etc

thats all folks see ya in hell ...

Its 22:40 p.m. hours and in Prague is stil continuing party, but in this time its not party at all...nobody ment this action violently but, still after 8 hours from begining police is still catching 100ts of radical activists around all Prague, There are about 3 destroyed McDonalds fukcstaurants, more than 4 policemans in hospital, in all TV station is this as main report and its the biggest fight with policemans...etc. in Czech in 4 past years. We know that the street party used to be nonviolent, but we finished it and than the peolple moved spontainly to the streets. We are sorry for those who are injured, who are erested in this time (about 40 people incliding foreignrs) and who are still figting in the streets, but CITY si ours we will defand our rights, please support us!!!


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Hi there here is Prague!

It's 14:00 and over 3000 people are having fun on the first action on this kind ever!!! , 4 soundsystems, 20 DJs, fireshow, break dance, puppet show, drums, infos, life music...Its 18:20 and 3000 people are spointainly and without any organisation goin to the main road in Prague. After 30 minutes around 30 policeman are blocking road trying to stop 3000 people...RIOT starts. Policemans untill 22:30 hours didnt have change. 6 police car destroyed, Mcdonalds and KFC + one skinhead shop broked. 22 policemans in the hospital, 64 erested, police brutality this are the results of first and the worst riots in Prague for past 10 years.

Update 08 June 1998

We would like to inform you about the situation in the Czech republic in terms of the police violence against demonstraters at the Global Street Party 98 which was held in Prague on 16 May. 3 000 people came to enjoy the GSP and in the evening hours went to march in streets of Prague. They blocked traffic in the trunk roud which cuts through Prague almost in the centre.

The first confrontation with police appeard when a line of 28 policemen tried to stop the march by using truncheons without asking people to disperse. Policemen were driven back and nobody was seriously injured. The next incident happend when a police car drove into the crowd at high speed. The demonstraters turned it upside down but didn't attack the policemen inside. The march was dissolved by organizers of GSP in front of the town hall. However, 300 people continued marching into the city centre where new confrontations occured. In that time police already had enough men and equipment to stop the demonstrants, nevertheless they didn't use it. After that shop windows of Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonaldo, butcher's and fashion shop (whose owner support fashist skinhead's movement) were broken. Just about 30 people including few provocateurs were smashing windows and the rest of people (150) was just watching it. Police started to act about 9 p. m., in time when riots men [were?] over. The police attack was so hard and brutal that even the Czech public was shocked. It has to be added that because of late police intervention no "radicals" were present at that time. 64 people were detained including 22 those younger than 18 and 13 women. During the police action inocent people (who were just walking around) were also beaten. All detainees were beaten, mistreated and humiliated until morning hours. Injured people were taken to hospital where beating continued even in presence of physicians. All these people were interrogated, however police refused to give them copies of the interrogation. 25 people were accused of criminal offences and 10 of them were 14 days in the detention (one man is still there). Those people (in the detention) were beaten so much that police refused public and media contact with them. Most of them are about 18 years old. Responsible institutions and the minister for inner affairs still claim that the intervention was adequate. All organizations involved in human rights in the Czech republic have made statements that treaties about human rights were infringed. It is evident that the imprisoned demonstraters weren't beaten because of commiting any crime (what is also inadmissible) but for their political beliefs. State institutions reacted by proposing to create a special police commando of 500 men trained against this kind of demonstrations.

The next step done by the police was accusing me, as one of the organisators of the GSP, of allegedly destroying the bilboard with the portrait of Miroslav Sládek (the leader of the Republican Party, with rasist and fashist manifestations). On 26. May I was detained for 30 hours and was unable to me to participate in a TV programme about anarchism. I was released just because of interventions of few NGOs, Czech TV and some noted personalities. Now I am on trial and there is a possibility to convicted me to 2 years to prison. The intimidation of other activists still continues and we wait that more people will be accused. In my opinion the Czech republic has excluded itself from the community of democratic countries after mass emigration of Gipsies because of discrimination and racial attacks (more than 20 dead people), brutal police attacks against demonstrations and attacks in Autonom clubs which have gone unpunished.

With regard to our desperate situation (we haven't enough money to paying lawyers, the connection with you is possible only thanks to one organization, which sent us a computer and modem...) we apply for your help. If you are able, please, take actions in front of the Czech ambassy in your country, mail them, inform NGOs and people about our situation. Or if you are able to make a benefit concert or give us some financial support for imprisoned and prosecuted activists, we will be really obliged to you.

Slavomír Tesárek,

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