Global Street Party, 16 May 1998 - report


It went well, with 200 people maximum, lots of crazy anti-corporate costumes and signs, a few dogs and bikes, several drums and whistles, and even a float. We briefly joined a demonstration against the ongoing extraditions of Algerians; we passed through a flock of exotic feathered and bikini-ed dancers on a pedestrian street for the concurrent World Cup events; and later we put up a tripod and blocked the street under the gigantic Credit Lyonais Tower. That prevented people from getting to a major car park of the Part-Dieu shopping mall and especially its Carrefour supermarket--until nearly a million police officers looking quite serious started coming towards us from across the street and we decided to make like fromage and scram. So we hopped over to a square/outdoor ampitheatre that's directly under the CL Tower, splashed around in a fountain on this very hot day, unloaded food and drink from a couple bike trailers, and hung out in the shade sans police for an hour or two. Tomorrow we're off to nearby Geneva for the big event.

Ciao for now

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