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Of course a disorganisation doesn't have a single ideology. Here, though, are some writings from RTS-types which express some of the ideas - and let's not forget practises - that most of the people involved have some sympathy with.

Capitalism is a big subject, and if you've paid any attention at all to the other stuff here you'll have gathered that people around RTS are firmly opposed to totalising ideologies. (That's not to say there's much sympathy for postmodernism or anything. That's mostly an academic aberration to be kicked over on the path towards whatever really comes after modernism.) Here, though, are some texts and links to texts, that quite a few RTS'ers have drawn on... submissions welcome.

Some radical friends and acquaintances...

And some useful-if-reformist sources of information and réportage...

++ Ultimately it is in the streets that power must be dissolved: for the streets where daily life is endured, suffered and eroded, and where power is confronted and fought, must be turned into the domain where daily life is enjoyed, created and nourished. [next] - - - - - -
10 Nov 2001