Why did RTS link up with the tube and Liverpool dock workers?

Because the dockers and tube workers are attacked by a social order that puts the requirements of the market above those of human need. It's the same reason we're drowning in traffic. They're fighting back and so are we, when we work together the simple fact is, we're stronger.

March for Social Justice

[prev]RTS is a unity of the diverse. We have our disagreements. Some people believe that all forms of state power should be rejected outright, others believe we should utilise the freedoms we have to challenge and modify the institutions that frame our lives. What unites us is a belief in the necessity and legitimacy of direct action, and a view that action must be taken here and now to solve the ecological and social crisis we face.

That the question "why Reclaim the Streets and the Dockers" is even asked shows that there is a common perception that ecological issues are different to social ones. This separation and presentation of the ecological crisis as unconnected to other forms of exploitation only serves the interests of business and state, and needs to be overcome if society is to survive.

The process was symbiotic. The dockers revitalised their struggle Liverpool dock picket and made good friends in the course of collective action, and we enhanced our movement by extending perceived boundaries for direct action. Suddenly, direct action is no longer a fringe sport for extremists, but turns out to have been around for a long time as central form of human activity. [next]