RTS (London) Diary updated 31 Mar 2007

The Reclaim the Streets idea has grown up and left home. Street parties and suchlike often happen without anyone in RTS London hearing about them until afterwards.

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Reclaim the Future IV

Saturday 31 March 2007
52 Holloway Road, London N7 8JL
RTF IV 31/03/07 flyer

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Whenever the Moon is propitious

Reclaim the Beach at a Central London beach. Plod please note: this is nothing to do with us. It's a nice party. No need to move anyone on, because the tide will do it for you. www.swarming.org.uk.

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Critical Mass cycle rides in (according to Urban75's list - the following may need updated):

  • Central London Last Friday of every month; meet up at 6.00pm on the Southbank near Waterloo Roundabout, London. More info.
  • West London 2nd Friday in the month, Shepherds Bush Green, opposite the Empire Theatre at 6.00
  • Cardiff Last Sat of every month, noon, Museum steps near the Cardiff university union (Park Place). Website
  • Dublin, Ireland last Fri of month, meet Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square, 6pm. Photos
  • Southampton Third Friday of every month 6pm.
  • Newcastle first Thu in the month, 5.15 pm, St.Thomas Church, nr. Haymarket, Newcastle
  • Leeds first Fri, meet City Square, 4.30pm
  • Birmingham 1st Sat, Victoria Sq, noon
  • Edinburgh last Fri, the Mound, 5pm
  • Glasgow last Sat, Byres Rd/ Uni Ave, 2pm
  • Guildford last Fri, meet BR, 5.15pm
  • Nottingham 4th Fri, Market Sq, 5.15pm
  • Sheffield last Fri, meet BR, 5pm
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We can only announce events here when we hear about them. See also:

  • SchNEWS on the Web - or to receive SchNEWS in your mailbox, send email to schnews@brighton.co.uk (or, better, paper mail with a donation of at least £15 a year to PO Box 2600, Brighton, BN2 2DX, England.)
  • The EF! (UK) Action Update.
  • Urban75
  • The huge range of thingies in Guilfin
kids in sandpit on M41
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