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On disorganisation

A statement from Reclaim the Streets (RTS) London

In relation to past and expected future press reports concerning trials of RTS "leaders", Reclaim the Streets[1] London would like to emphasise that it is a non-hierarchical, leaderless, openly organised, public group. No individual "plans" or "masterminds" its actions and events. RTS activities are the result of voluntary, unpaid, co-operative efforts from numerous self-directed people attempting to work equally together.

The events of June 18th 1999[2] in London, just one among similar events in over 40 countries world-wide, were in fact organised by thousands of people throughout the UK; in part previously, in part spontaneously on the day itself. The event sought to both highlight and directly confront the present internationalised socio-economic system that causes massive environmental damage and is leading to increasing poverty and inequality for the majority of the world's people.

That the mass media and legal apparatus of the state lack the ability to comprehend - or purposefully seek to misunderstand all this - is unsurprising. Both are embedded in the system of centralised power and control direct actionists oppose; a system that also produces a cult of personality - whether politician or celebrity. Still, we send this statement in the perhaps naöve hope that the mainstream media may be interested in reporting, occasionally, the facts.

RTS London is proud to be associated with the growing global anti-capitalist movement that raised its voice on the streets of The City of London, in Seattle, soon in Washington, again on Mayday 2000[3] and on many other occasions. In response to the ubiquitous "who's in charge?" we reply in unison "We all are!" and in response to the half-truths, distortions, and lies of the media and legal system, we will continue to reply in word and deed: "Reclaim the Streets!"


  1. Reclaim the Streets is a direct action network seeking the rediscovery and liberation of the city streets. For more details see
  2. For full details see
  3. For more details on Mayday events see
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