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RTS Mayday Action
This was not a protest!

All the energy expended on vilification by those poor fools in parliament is really rather affirming.

We're getting accustomed to being presented with a virtual politics that bears no resemblance to the experience of anyone who was there, except perhaps a clinically paranoid plod.

For reports from people who were there, see and Urban75's photo-report.

Press statement by RTS people, 2 May

"Arise, and dig and plow the Earth, and receive the fruits thereof... renew the ancient Community of the enjoying of the fruits of the Earth" - the trance visions of William Everard & Gerrard Winstanley, 1649
What happened
"The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes" - Winston Churchill
Sir Winston

What happened with the police and the press is quite simple. The collective intelligence of a hierarchical organisation falls rather sharply as its size increases. So it can do nothing but trundle the tracks of a pre-ordained plan. Both the police and the press were left, as so often happens, playing out the plan for a disaster that wasn't in fact happening. They repressed and they reported the lies that they'd hyped in advance, not what happened.

We wouldn't expect anyone who wasn't there to take the word of this website that there was not, in fact, a battle the size of Bosworth Field in London on Monday. So listen to pinko Francis Wheen in the Guardian: Small riot: no one dead. Compare the lack of outrage over two McDo being trashed in Brittany last week - one by some fuckwit bombers who killed a woman. Wonder what goes through politicians' minds... see above.

The RTS Mayday briefing

If you prefer to read second-hand accounts of what it was supposed to be about, try a couple of journos who took the trouble to work out how to have a conversation with people who are actually involved:

...and some people who took some time to think about the issues:

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