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Cultures of persistence

10 - 15 January 2000
168 Tower Bridge Road
exhibition opens 4pm
café 7pm
evening events 7 - 11pm

printable flyer front (124k)
Monday 10
Discussion 7:30pm Can we survive the city facilitated by Jim Carey of Squall
Film - Exodus
Drum'n'bass from Megabitch Offshore
Tuesday 11
Experimental music night - live sets, strange tunes, wierd bands
Film - Taking sound systems to Cuba
Wednesday 12
Pop/punk from Brighton's Flannel stuck in traffic
Café by Anarchist Teapot
Who's a terrorist now? Mohandas K. Gandhi, Emily Pankhurst, Martin Luther King Jr. ... Jack Straw sees you and I in illustrious company with his Bill
Thursday 13
Anarquist queer cabaret
Friday 14
Molotov Organisation gabbarach - a mixture of gabba, fucked-up noise & easy listening
Cardboard citizens street wise theatre
Saturday 15
Free kids' party noon - 6pm

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Updated 09 Jan 2000

Sunday Times and other hacks note: This is not "a Reclaim the Streets event". It just looks like a good thing put on by sorted people.