PLAY IN THE STREETS PARTY "Get out of your vehicle and into your community"

A party to celebrate our community in upper Cuba Street from 1pm, Wellington (New Zealand) Saturday 13 September 2003.

The idea is to invite the community back into the street and to assert that we are a strong part of this historic area and are affected by the proposed bypass (whatever the environment court may say), and also to have fun in the streets. This party aims to celebrate the space on streets, and to provide for the traditional use of them: as a social area for the community where games, trade, and interaction happened and happens.

There will be party games, food stalls, information stalls, local acoustic musicians, a bit of street theatre, street art and a forum for open discussion of views around community issues.

It intends to be an example of a positive alternative use for the street when the bypass proposal is dropped.

The party will be held on the around the streets of upper Cuba, Tonks and Arthur.

kids in sandpit on M41
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Updated 13 Sept 2003