27 April 2001

RTS in crèche shock!
- MayDay statement

The fact that Reclaim The Streets has not been involved in the logistical planning for this year's MayDay has been seen by the corporate media as a split in the movement. But there are many groups and affiliations, each with their own analysis and focus, who all oppose the globalisation and the oppression of the capitalist system. MayDay belongs to each and every one of us. Around the world, social movements do not need to reconcile all their diverse ideas, just embrace the universal desire for change. Thus our aim is that everyone, everywhere should feel empowered to take part in building a future where we all take responsibility for an equitable continuation of life on this planet. Large actions, small actions, kitchen sink actions - who cares, as long as we continue to make them happen?

Some of us have volunteered to help with childcare this year, so that parents and carers can take part in MayDay activities. Many other people will be doing legal monitoring, prison support, independent media and countless other tasks involved in a mass protest.

People who come together to work under the banner of Reclaim The Streets (past, present and future) see social equity inextricably linked to environmental justice. And on other nameless days RTS will continue to focus attention on states and corporations that are omnipresent in every layer of the dominant world order, with direct action as it has always done. An example was our de-branding of BP's re-branding on April 19 this year.

Our group will not, however, have some journalist's definitions of organisation , or "fluffy" or "spiky" imposed upon it; neither will it fall for attempts to drive a wedge between it and other groups, nor will it fail to support those individuals or other groups subject to vilification and harassment. The violence of capitalism is 24/7, 365 days a year, and one day is as good as another for taking action towards real change.

Ooohh, and just before we go (out and do something)... Based on informal legal advice, and considering that independent and freelance journalists were excluded from the Scotland Yard press call for MayDay, we're assuming that officially it will be MayDay commander Mike Todd's fault when cases fall apart thanks to prejudicial press coverage influencing the opinions of the courts prior to the event. Heads will roll, and not one activist will be to blame...

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Updated 27 April 2001