Hello, Terror Bill

21 March 2001 Several valiant RTSers commemorated the passing into law of the Terrorism Act by:

  • awarding several governmental terrorists (ie. Ministers) a bouquet/bomb etc of genetically modified crop test material in and around Parliament Square;
  • not quite managing to hang the huge ‘terrorists’ banner from Parliament Square lampposts but displaying it forcefully outside the House of Commons anyway;
  • terrorist action...draping Nelson Mandela and Emily Pankhurst (statues of) with big red sashes with the word ‘terrorist’ emblazoned across the front;
  • triggering the customary hysterical police response, including one officer carrying a black file with a strip of ‘Reclaim the Streets’ tape (produced by us for May Day) across the front;
  • garnering some (albeit pretty inaccurate) C4, Independent & other news media coverage;
  • avoiding any arrests.

See also Indymedia UK.

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Updated 13 Mar 2001