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Reclaim the Future 5 - RTF 5

Reclaim the Future 5 was a vast all day party event in a liberated, self-managed occupied venue somewhere in London on Saturday 5 September 2009 (Note: new date).

A big thank you to crew and public who made this event possible. All the rooms were given the normal RTF clean up and decoration. Thanks for the loan of some wonderful banners!

Thanks to the bands and PAs and to Food Not Bombs for the great food, much appreciated after being stuck in the building for days... Great job security (you know who you are)...Thanks to all the stallholders and peeps who did the workshops...Cheers to the bar crew... And lets seriously not forget the people who managed to get the water turned on and the bog cleaners who make our event just that little bit special... Also a big up to one and all who turned up and stuck their hands in their pockets and helped us raise money for many a good cause!

All money raised goes to groups and organisations: none of the people working get a penny! We do however all have our favourite causes and the people who do the work (and bands) have a say in where this goes. I would like to tell you, However this might not be beneficial to ourselves or the groups involved...

Indymedia presents: Short report with photos and Photos from around the venue

Before the party: © Fil Kaler


Band warms up: © Fil Kaler


Eco-cinema: © Fil Kaler

Photos © Fil Kaler


454-490 Mile End Road (old car showroom)
London E1 4PE (map)
opposite St Mary's university, just West of the Regent Canal, on the south side of Mile End Road

  • tube Mile End (Central Line line only running) 5 min walk
  • bus 25 Oxford Circus - City - Mile End - Stratford - Ilford (24 hour)
  • bus 205 Paddington - King's Cross - Mile End - Bow (24 hour)
  • bus 277 Highbury - Hackney Central - Mile End - Limehouse (24 hour)

Doors open 1pm

Phone numbers for location on the day:

  • 07 758 119 655
  • 07 729 178 836
flyer front
  • At least two rooms of live bands 9pm-4am
    • Bands already confirmed:

      • Gertrude
      • Rabies Babies
      • Headjam
      • 52 Commercial Road [no, not the RTF address]
      • KADT (album launch)
      • Dropping Bombs
      • Defcon Zero
      • Bottle Job
      • King Salames and the Cumberland 23
      • Refusal
      and likely...
      • Bug Central
      • Babaluck

  • DJs 4am-7am
  • Cabaret stage:
    • Live cabaret
    • 2 Up Sound System
    • Drum and Bass DJs
  • Live internet radio broadcast by Dissident Island Radio
  • Cafe area, vegan food
  • Bar
  • Cinema all day and night
  • Art spaces, exhibitions
  • Workshops 1:30 - 7pm
    • 1.30-3pm Dissident Island Radio how to do internet radio
    • 1.30-6pm London Campaign Against Arms Trade
    • 1.30-6pm Bike repair workshop - 56a and Bicycology(?)
    • 3pm-4pm Zoe filmmaker with Indymedia, on rethinking finance and networking alternative media using open source software'
    • 4pm-5.30pm Corporate Watch - Olympics
    • 4pm-5pm Anarcha feminists - title tbc
    • 5pm-6pm International Times archive
    • Q & A with Mike Lesser former editor of radical fortnightly International Times (1966-1986) on its complete archive recently launched on www.internationaltimes.it
    • 5.30-6pm London No Borders Calais camp report back
    • 6pm-7pm Corporate Watch - NETCU (National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit)
    • 6pm-7pm Bristol Commutiny on Bristol Co-Mutiny event 12-18 September comutiny.wordpress.com
  • STALLS 1pm-7pm
    • Active Distribution radical literature, T-shirts, merchandise
    • Corporate Watch
    • London No Borders
    • In Defence of Ancient Forests
    • East London Hunt Sabs
    • Advisory Service for Squatters (A.S.S.)
    • Haringey Justice for Palestineans (tbc) Palestinean handicrafts for sale
    • Schnews
    • Past Tense Publications/ Radical History Group
    • Haringey Solidarity Group
    • NO ID gallery T-shirts, screenprints
    • Smash EDO
    • Freedom Bookshop
    • London CAAT
    • Animal Rescue
    • Dissident Island Radio
    • Help wanted - volunteers
    • Tat wanted - Lights, kitchen tat, tables, chairs, banner materials, paint, banners and arts, displays, cleaning stuff, basic tools, brooms, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, polyprop, gaffer tape...

    It's a benefit for anti-capitalist and anti-miliarist causes and prisoner support. ("This time we're really, really skint.")

    Contact: reclaiminfo@yahoo.co.uk

    Enquiries about workshops and stalls: rtfworkshops@yahoo.co.uk

    flyer back

    Black'n'white flyers to print:

    B&W flyer front
    Click for 8MB PDF
    B&W flyer front
    Click for 2MB PDF

    For more on previous RTF parties, see:


The previous Reclaim the Future

flyer front Reclaim
31 March

52 Holloway Road
London N7 8JL
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