The arms traders

"We just print forms for the people who...

DSEi, the "Defence Systems and Equipment international" conference and exhibition, is organised by Spearhead Exhibitions - which announced on 9 September 2003 that it had been bought by Reed Exhibitions, which in turn announced on 00 April 2007 that it was getting out of the arms fair business, after the 2007 show.

"...order bullets for the people who...

The sponsors/supporters of DSEi 01/03/05/07 were/are:

British Naval Equipment Association 01030507 Trade association of warship builders and other naval suppliers
Defence Manufacturers Association 01030507 Ditto, all UK military suppliers
Defence Export Services Organisation 0507 Your money going to subsidise arms exports and marketing
Intellect UK 030507 trade body for the UK based information technology, telecommunications and electronics industry
Society of British Aerospace Companies 01 0507
Jane's 07 Defence Weekly, etc
PA Consulting Group 07 Business Transformation Partner
Atos Origin 07 Conference Stream Sponsor
4ex Military 07 Web-based recruitment organisation helping ex servicemen and women from the Army, Navy , RAF and Marines
BLÜCHER GmbH 07 "The leading name in adsorptive compound materials" - will that be nuclear/biological/chemical wiping-up, then?
Federation of Electronics Industries 01 Actually, Spearhead, it seems to be the "Federation of the Electronics Industry"
Military Training and Simulation News 03 Quake, squaddies for the use of, news about
Dstl - the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory 03
Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International 03 At last, real armchair soldiers - death from afar... 03 Squaddies Reunited. Not officer-class.
UK Ministry of Defence 01030507Your tax Euro at work.
All other government departments have addresses. seems to be heading for autonomy.

"...shoot people."

As quick a look at the exhibitors at DSEi shows, many are in apparently mundane trades. But, firstly, the list of exhibitors suggests what a wide range of the economy is tied up with dealing death; and, secondly, selling the wire that connects the computer in a plane to the bomb-release definitely has something to do with the corpses that result.

Connoisseurs will find the notes on compliance with UK law interesting, and the conference and workshops.

The exhibitors

Updated 21 August 2007

Do check out information here before relying on it for a public statement. This is only a sampling of the probable actual identities of a random sample of the exhibitors.

Indications of what country a company is from are mostly from the DSEi list, except where it's blatantly wrong. US companies in particular seem to be keen on registering from their UK branch office.

In doing your own research, you may find the corporate directories, and rather useful; and the Defence Manufacturers Association. And do let us know what you find.

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0 ^
3M (UK) UK 0507
3TEX US 07
A ^
Aardvark Clear Mine UK 01030507 Mine clearance after a war is a Good Thing. Mine clearance to get soldiers through is profitable.
AB Connectors UK 01030507 Plugs.
AB Precision UK 01030507 Machine tools.
Abeillon FR 0507
Ably Shelters UK 01030507 Tents, big, warships for the repairing of in.
ABRO UK 01030507 Maintenance arm of UK Defence Logistics Organisation - looks like a setup for privatisation.
ABSL Power Solutions UK 07
Acqiris CH 07
ADR Sales UK 0507
Adtron US 0507
Advanten FR 07
Advantica UK 07
Advent Communications UK 07
AE Petsche UK 0507
Aearo UK 01030507 Goggles and ear-mufflers.
AEGIS Engineering UK 030507 Consultant engineers: computer modelling of things and of processes.
AEI Cables UK 0507
Aeroflex US 0507
Aerojet US 07
Aerospace Manufacturing UK 07
Aerotrim UK 0507 Thermal bags... hang on... "have undertaken panel van conversions such as surveillance vehicles, outside broadcast vehicles, police and fire applications and exhibition vehicles".
Afarmade ES 0507
AFE Technology UK 07
Agility US 07
Agusta Westland UK 01030507 Helicopters.
Air Boss Defense CA 0507
Air Seal Products UK 07
Airborne Systems UK 07
Aish Technologies UK 010507 Electronic device packaging.
Aitech Systems IL 0507
Akzo Nobel Aerospace UK 01030507 Paint.
Albrecht Bender DE 07
Allan Webb UK 0507
Allspeeds UK 07
Allyance UK 07
Almamet DE 07
Alpha Optics CA 07
ALT Software CA 07
Altobridge UK 07
AM General US 0507
AMA Spa IT 07
Amazon Cases UK 07
AML UK UK 030507 Blast and bullet resistant security products
Amper Programas ES 0507
Amphenol UK 01030507 Plugs & sockets (formerly Bendix).
Amsafe Bridport UK 0507
AMT Sybex UK 07
AmTank Armour US 07
Analogue & Micro UK 07
Anixter UK 0107 Wire & cable.
Anritsu EMEA UK 07
Antanta, UAB LT 07
AP Services DK 07
AR Europe IE 07
AR Modular RF US 07
Arcom UK 07
Arcus BG 07
Armada International CH 030507 Rag
Armor Holdings US 0507
Armourshield UK 01030507 Bullet-proof vests, etc.
Armtrac UK 0507
Arsenal Co BG 030507 More Bulgarian guns
ASD Media NL 07
Asian Military Review TH 030507 Rag
Aspire Consulting UK 010507 Err... management consultants... "have been retained to provide ILS and ARM Consultancy and programme management for the European solution for the new MLRS Fire Control System. (known as EFCS)."
Association of the US Army US 030507 Lobbying organisation: "Voice for the Army - Support for the Soldier". Latest feature on it site: pre-emptive attacks on North Korea. More investigation of this crew, please...
Astrum (UK) UK 07
ATE Solutions - Part of the STI Alliance UK 07
ATK US 0507
Atkins UK 07
Atlas Elektronik DE 07
Atos Consulting UK 07 "Gaining competitive advantage is all about capturing market share, strengthening brand values, increasing business performance, and improving bottom line results." Barf!
Austin Semiconductor US 0307 Military electronics
Austrian Federal Economic Chamber AT 0507
Autoclear US 07
Autoflug GmbH DE 030507 Sensors, parachutes, stretchers... and what is a Life Tent, nu?
AV Inc. US 07
Avialec International UK 0307 Connectors and components
Avon Inflatables UK 01030507 What it says - rubber boats
Avon Protection UK 07
AWS Electronics UK 0507
Axon Cables UK 010507 Er, more wire
Axsys Technologies US 0507
B ^
B. Dixon-Bate UK 07
Babcock Marine UK 07
BAE Systems UK 01030507 All kinds of lethal aviation. The Hawk trainer, absolutely not sold to Indonesia for use in putting down Timorese freedom fighters. Oh no.
Barco US 010307 Graphics projection - e.g. flight sims & war rooms.
Barkers Fencing UK 07
Barrett Communications UK 0507
Barrier UK 0307 ?
Barum & Dewar UK 0507
Battlespace UK 07
Bauer Kompressoren UK 0507
BCB International UK 01030507 Survival and Personal Protection equipment.
BDEC UK 01030507 British Defence Equipment Catalogue
BDL Systems UK 030507 'Initiation, surveillance and other security products' ... 'initiation' turns out to be detonator switches. On the square, it does.
Beechwood Equipment UK 0507
Behlman Electronics US 0507
Beru F1 Systems UK 0507
BFi Optilas UK 030507 Electronics wholesalers
Bharat Dynamics IN 07
Bharat Earth Movers IN 07
Bharat Electronics IN 0507
Binder UK UK 07
BitMicro US 0507
Bitova Electronika BG 07
Blackwater USA US 0507 Mercenaries. Sorry, "private security contractors" - mission " To support national and international security policies that protect those who are defenseless and provide a free voice for all with a dedication to providing ethical, efficient, and effective turnkey solutions that positively impact the lives of those still caught in desperate times."
Blakley Electrics UK 0507
Blazepoint UK 01030507 Ruggedised computers for field use; ID card printers
Blohm & Voss DE 010507 Shipbuilders.
Blue Helix UK 07
Blue I UK 07
Bluecher GmbH DE 010507 Chemical & Biological protective clothing.
BMT Defence Services UK 010507 Ship & sub design.
B-N Group UK 07
Boldon James UK 07
Bond Safety UK 07
Bosch Rexroth NL 07
Bosch Rexroth UK 030507 Supplier of hydraulic components and services, electric drives and controls, and pneumatics.
Bose BV NL 0507
Bowtech Products UK 030507 Underwater video inspection equipment ...
Breeze Eastern US 07
Bren-Tronics US 01030507 Military batteries and chargers.
Brimar US 030507 Labels and signage
Britannia 2000 UK 07
British Naval Equipment Association UK 0307 Trade association
Broadband Europe UK 07
Broady Flow Control UK 030507 Valves. Nuclear reactors and submarines for the use of in, it seems.
Brookwood Companies US 07
Brugg Kabel AG CH 030507 Cables, oddly enough.
Bruhn Newtech UK 07
Bruker Daltonics UK 07
BSDI BE 0507
BT Defence UK 07
Bumar PL 0507
BWFuhrpark DE 07
C ^
C4I AU 07
Cabletec ICS UK 0507
CamelBak US 030507 Personal hands-free hydration systems? Drinking straws, pilots for the use of!
Canadian High Commission CA 010307 Eh.
Carl Zeiss Optronics DE 0507
Carmenta SE 07
Caterpillar Defence Products UK 01030507 Yet more armoured bulldozers... see Rachel Corrie... and marine power.
CCO - Creative Consulting DE 0507
CE Niehoff UK 07
CEA Technologies AU 0507
Centa Transmissions UK 0307 Gearboxes.
Ceradyne US 07
Cgear AU 07
Chemring Countermeasures US 010307 Among other things, decoy munitions. Those are what make Bush's "National Missile Defense" almost impossible to build.
Chemring Group UK 07 Worth looking into...
Chess Dynamics UK 030507 Stabilised mounts for binoculars, radar and satphone aerials, etc
Chrysler International US 07 See Daimler Chrysler
CIME Bocuze FR 0507
Cinch Connectors UK 07
Cire Group FR 07
Clark Masts Teksam UK 0507
Cleared Jobs UK 07
Cleeve Technology CA 07
Clip-Lok Simpak UK 0507
Closed Circuit Research UK 0507
CLS Jordan JO 0507
CMCA UK 0507
CN Romtehnica RO 0507
CNPEP Radwar PL 0507
Cobham Plc UK 01030507 Aerospace, Precision Engineering and Specialist Air Services
Cochrane Steel ZA 030507 Razor wire.
Coda Octopus UK 0507
Codan AU 07
Cohort UK 07
Collinson UK 07
Colt Canada CA 0507
Comet GmbH DE 07
Comlab CA 07
CommsAudit UK 0507
Composhield DK 0507
compositionX DE 07
Compucat AU 07
Comrod NO 0507
Comtech Mobile Datacom US 0507
Connor Innovations UK 07
Container Exchange UK 07
Continental DataGraphics UK 030507 Parts catalogues!
Converteam UK UK 07
Coorstek US 010507 Custom chip fabrication & electronics.
Corus Bi-Steel UK 030507 Blast-proof prefab structures. Subsidiary of Corus.
Cosalt UK 030507 Marine and industrial safety equipment and clothing.
Cotesi UK UK 07
CP Cases UK 0107 DJ flight boxes. And boxes for exotic military kit.
CPS Partnership UK 07 SCUBA gear
CQC UK 0307 Rucksacks and sleeping bags. Nerve-gas-proof ditto, for those really hardcore festival campsites.
Crane Co. US 07
Creaform 3D CA 07
Creation UK UK 07
Crisp & Sons UK 07
CS FR 07
CTS Electronics USA US 07
Cummins Engines UK 01030507 Er, engines. And generators. And proud sponsors of a Right-of-sensible Adam Smith Institute event.
Cunning Running Software UK 01030507 Computer-assisted mortar siting and firing control. Runs under Windows. Be afraid.
Currock Engineering UK 0507
Curtiss-Wright Controls US 0507
Custom Interconnect UK 07
CVI Technical Optics UK 07
Cyberflight UK 0507
D ^
Daher UK 0507
Daimler Chrysler DE 01030507 Not only cars, not only military vehicles, but a major component of EADS (q.v.) - see also Chrysler (US)
Danaher Motion US 030507 Servo motors, itty bitty gearboxes, bearings...
Dantherm DK 0507
DARA UK 0507
Data Device Corporation US 0507
Dax International UK 0507
DCN FR 030507 Shipyard.
Deenside Engineering UK 07
Defence 21 LB 07
Defence Director UK 030507 Management journal for defence staffs. Doubleplusdoublespeak!
Defence Helicopter/Shephard UK 07
Defence Management Journal UK 010507 Rag.
Defence Manufacturers Association UK 01030507 Trade association.
Defence Solutions UK 0507
Defence Solutions Faldingworth UK 07
Defence Technology International US 07
Defendory International GR 07
Defense News US 01030507 Rag, from the US Department of Defense.
Denel ZA 01030507 Spun-off manufacturing wing of Armscor
DENN - Industrias Puigjaner ES 07
Deschamps FR 01030507 Probably this heat-exchanger manufacturer. Exhibited at a helicopter technology gig.
Deutsch UK 030507 Plugs.
DG O'Brien US 07
Diagnosys UK 0507
Diamond Point International UK 07
Dicom CZ 0507
Diehl BGT Defence DE 0507
Diehl Remscheid GmbH DE 030507 See above
Diginext FR 07
Dillon Aero US 07
Direct2SME UK 07
Disarmco UK 07
Disposal Services Authority UK 030507 Second-hand tank dealer wing of the Defence Export Services Organisation
DITMCO International US 07
Documental Solutions US 07
Dometic LU 0507
Domnick Hunter UK 030507 Nuclear, Chemical and Biological filtration, air treatment for submarines...
Doncasters plc UK 030507 Precision-engineered components. Fiddly metal-bashers, then.
Dowding & Mills UK 07
Dr. Shrink US 07
DRS Technologies US 01030507 Electronics - flight recorders.
Drumgrange UK 01030507 Telecommunications, sonar.
DSM Dyneema NL 0507
Dunston Ship Repairs UK 07
Dutch Defence Cluster NL 07
Dynasystems UK 0507
Dytecna UK 01030507 Project management consultants... probably. Website a bit shy.
E ^
e2v UK 07
EADS EU 01030507 European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company: not only the Airbus civilian airliner, but satellites, missiles, fighter planes, and (with Nortel) military communications.
Earle Trading UK 07
Easat Antennas UK 030507 Radar and communications antennæ
Eastern Petroleum Supplies UK 0507
Eastman Packaging UK 07
EB2B Com AU 0507
Eberspächer UK UK 01030507 Air conditioning.
ECA FR 0307 Robotics; robot submarines.
ECA Faros FR 07
ECA Sindel IT 07
Ecolog DE 07
Edgar Brothers UK 0507
EDM UK 01030507 Simulators for training.
EDO Corporation US 07
EDS US 01030507 Ross Perot's old fiefdom: big, over-budget and unreliable administrative computer systems if you believe Private Eye on the Inland Revenue system, which of course we don't, or the House of Commons Select Committee on Public Accounts.
EEZ Group UK 07
EGO Zlin CZ 07
Eiva DK 07
Elan Defence UK 0507
ELCAN Optical Technologies CA 0507
Electronavale FR 07
Electronic Systems Group JO 07
Electronics Sourcing UK 07
Electronics Weekly UK 07
Elektrobit FI 0507
Ellsworth Adhesives UK 07
Elma Electronic UK 07
Elsag IT 0507
Elsis UAB LT 07
EM Digital UK 07
EMC Solutions UK 030507 Enormous databases.
Empl Fahrzeugwerk GmbH AT 030507 Little fire engines, and military radio trucks
EMS Satcom CA 07
Energizer US 07
Englands Safety Equipment UK 030507 Life-jackets.
Enidine US 0507
Enterprise Control Systems UK 07
EP Barrus UK 07
Ericsson Microwave Systems SE 0507
Eskan Electronics UK 07
ESRI UK 01030507 "Command and control; Facilities management; Decision support; Situational awareness; Mission planning; Threat analysis; Terrain visualisation; and Map Production." That'll be software, then.
ESS (Eye Safety Systems) US 030507 Goggles.
Esterline UK 0507
ESW-Extel Systems Wedel DE 0507
ETEC Gesellschaft fur Technische Keramik mbH DE 030507 Ceramic armour
Etienne Lacroix Tous Artifices FR 0507
ETL Systems UK 07
Euroavionics DE 07
Euronaval FR 0507
Eurosatory 2008 FR 07
Excalibur Army CZ 07
Exception Group UK 07
Exchem Defence Systems UK 030507 Explosives storage and weapons assembly site here.
Ex-Mil Recruitment UK 07
Exmoor Trim UK 07
Expal ES 07
Explora Security UK 0507
EZ-EM US 0507
F ^
Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta IT 07
Factair UK 0107 Air compressors.
Fagerdala Marine SE 0507
Falck Schmidt Defence Systems DK 0507
Falcon Communications UK 07
Farnborough Aerospace Consortium UK 0507
Farnborough International UK 0507
Far-Side Marketing UK 07
FB Peripherals UK 07
Fedegari Autoclavi IT 0507
Fender Care UK 01030507 Bungy things that stop ships banging into things.
Fernau Avionics UK 0507
Ferranti Technologies UK 01030507 Electronics, including the not-notoriously-good-value "Ptarmigan" communications system for the British Army. Bizarre trance music on their website.
Fibreco UK 07
Field Textiles UK 07
Fife Fabrications UK 07
Finca NL 0507
Fincantieri IT 0507
Finmeccanica IT 0507
Firmin & Sons UK 07
Fischer Connectors UK 030507 Plugs.
Fitelnet FI 07
Flagship Training UK 01030507 Privatised training for sailors.
Fleet Support UK 030507 Privatised Portsmouth dockyard.
Flexicon UK 0307 Flexible cable conduits.
Flir Systems UK 01030507 Night-sights and security cameras.
FN Herstal BE 01030507 Guns: owns Browning and Winchester. Currently developing the interesting category of "less-than-lethal" (as opposed to non-lethal) weapons for law enforcement.
Force Protection US 07 "the world's leading manufacturer of ballistic- and blast-protected vehicles"
Forecast International US 0507
FPS Bolechowo PL 07
Fra Angelico 0107 Not the Italian Early Renaissance painter.
Fuchs Electronics ZA 01030507 Proximity fuses for rockets, shells & mortars. No mention of mines, of course.
Fujitsu Services UK 030507 (NavyStar Project?)
FWS Europe UK 07
G ^
G3 Systems UK 01030507 "Systems integration and software engineering to research and development."
Galileo Avionica IT 0507
Gallay UK 01030507 Engine Cooling, air Conditioning, heating Systems
GAME Engineering UK 07
Garlita UAB LT 07
Gatehouse DK 0507
GE Aviation UK 07
GE Fanuc - Embedded Systems UK 030507 Production line automation from General Electric
Genalog UK 07
General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems US 030507 Major US military supplier. Also includes Electric Boat - maker of Ohio-class Trident subs (and currently converting four boats to covert-operations platforms...)
General Dynamics C4 Systems US 030507 ditto
General Dynamics Canada CA 0507 ditto
General Dynamics Land Systems US 0307 ditto
General Dynamics Santa Barbara Sistemas ES 0507 ditto
General Dynamics UK UK 030507 ditto. (And does the office cat have a stand too?)
Gentex Corp. US 07
Gerber Legendary Blades US 0507
Gielissen NL 0507
Gigasat UK 07
GIWS DE 0507
GKN Aerospace UK 07
Glenair UK 07
Global Armour ZA 0507
Global Secure Systems US 0507
Globec (UK) UK 07
Glock AT 07
GMA Cover Corp CA 030507 Camouflage tarps
Goa Shipyard IN 07
Goepel Electronics UK 07
Golden Bridge Cable CN 07
Goodrich US 030507 Sensors, de-icing systems, engine control, pilot seats, life rafts, "in the unlikely event of us landing over water" thingies... lots of gizmos for planes.
Goodridge UK 07
Graphic UK 0507
Greek Defence News GR 07
Green Hills Software UK 0507
Griffon Hovercraft UK 01030507 What it says
GSCI - Night Vision CA 0507
GSF UK 0507
GSM Graphic Arts UK 07
Guartel Technologies UK 0507
Guhring UK 07
H ^
H Fine & Son UK 010307 Kit-bags. Nose-wheel cosies.
Habia Cable SE 01030507 Wire.
Hale Hamilton (Valves) UK 01030507 Valves, indeed.
Hamilton Hall UK 0507
Hardigg Europe UK 0307 Kit boxes -
Harrington Generators UK 030507 Generators, actually.
Harris Corporation US 01030507 Wireless communications.
Hart Security UK 07
Harvest Road AU 07
Havelsan TR 07
Hawkmoor UK 01030507 Field kitchens.
Heckler & Koch DE 030507 Guns. Favourite of the Metropolitan Police.
Hellermann Tyton UK 0107 Cable ties
Helmet Integrated Systems UK 01030507 Helmets.
Hema Teknoloji TR 07
Hemostasis US 07
Hermanus Magnetic Observatory ZA 0507
Hertel CKT UK 07
Hesco Military Products UK 07
Heywood House UK 07
Hiab UK 0507 Forklifts and cranes
Hidalgo UK 07
Hi-Rel Lids UK 07
HMK-gruppen DK 030507 "A world on wheels"
Holyhead Marine UK 07
Horstman Defence Systems UK 01030507 Bits for tanks & guns: auxilliary power units, gun mount gear drives.
Host Systems UK 0507
HT Servo UK 0307 Servo marketing agents.
Huber & Suhner CH 07
Hunter Manufacturing US 0507
HVR Consulting Services UK 0107
Hydroid US 07
Hypertac UK 0507
I ^
i2 UK 0507
Icore International UK 01030507 Plugs.
ICS CA 0507
Imes Group UK 0507
Imperial Armour ZA 030507 Body armour, protective clothing and ballistic helmets
Imperial Defence Services UK 0507
Indra ES 0507
Industria FR 07
Industrial Electronic Wiring UK 0507
Industry Canada CA 07
Inmarsat UK 01030507 Recently-privatised - was an intergovernmental organisation. Runs the major chain of communications satellites.
Innalogic US 07
Innovative Concepts US 07
Inovatech UK 07
Instalaza ES 0507
Instro Precision UK 01030507 Theodolites and gunsights.
Intellect UK 0307 either the Information Technology Telecommunications and Electronics Association or Intellect Ltd - software to manage software projects...
Interlink CZ 07
International Arms PK 07
International Safety Products UK 01030507 Lifejackets and, it seems, special forces floaty kit and chemical protection suits.
IPL UK 0507
Iridium Satellite US 07 It's baack!
iRobot Corporation UK 0307 Cute robot vacuum cleaners... and appropriately tank-like military robots to scan for bombs. Or deliver them.
ISIC DK 0507
IS-Rayfast UK 07
ISS Commercial Services UK 07
Istec Services UK 010507
ITEL Electronics UK 07
ITL Optronics IL 0507
ITT Cannon & Veam UK 07
ITT Defence UK 0507 See below
Iveco Defence Vehicles IT 07
IZT DE 0507
J ^
J & S Franklin UK 01030507 ?
Jactron UK 07
Jam Recruitment UK 07
James Fisher UK 0507
James Fisher Mimic UK 07
James Walker Co UK 010507 Seals, O-rings...
James Walker SPS UK 07
Jameson LLC US 07
Janes Information Group UK 07
Jankel Armouring UK 0507
JDR Smart Solutions NL 07
Johnson Components UK 07
Joseph Gleave UK 07
JP Morgan Chase Vestera UK 07
JRA Aerospace UK 07
K ^
Kaliber UK 030507 Cables.
Kanthal UK 07
Katadyn Products CH 07
Kaydon Bearings US 07
KBP 0107
Kelvin Hughes UK 0507
Kent Periscopes UK 07
Kermel FR 07
Keytracker UK 07
Kidde Graviner 0107
Kipper Companies US 07
Kira US 07
KNM Media UK 0507
Knowles Acoustics UK 07
Kockums SE 07
Koluman Motorlu Araçlar TR 07
Kongsberg NO 07
KOR Electronics US 07
KP Special Projects NL 07
Krauss Maffei 0107
KVH Industries US 07
Kylmar (KMC) UK 030507 Possibly optics in Worcestershire, or something unknown on the old fairground site in Weyhill, Hampshire (Anyone want to go ask for it back, and what they've been doing with it?)
L ^
L-3 Communications US 01030507 Communications and battlefield sensors.
Lake Image Systems UK 07
Land Rover UK 010507
Laser Components UK 07
Laser Shot US 0507
Leafield Engineering UK 01030507 "Sister company" of Nobel Energetics: "design, development and assembly/test skills specialising in sub-systems for weapon and aerospace applications".
Ledco UK 07
Lemax CZ 07
Lifesaver Systems UK 07
Lincad UK 030507 Batteries,
Lind Electronics US 0507
Link Microtek UK 07
Link Research UK 07
Lloyd's Register UK 07
Lobo Systems UK 07
Lockheed Martin US 01030507 Planes, nuclear missiles...
LogicaCMG UK 07
LogIn Crete AB SE 07
Logistik Unicorp CA 07
LPA Group UK 07
Luxcom CA 07
M ^
MABway UK 07
Machinery Sales Corporation IN 0507
MacNeillies UK 07
Macroswiss CH 0507
Madera-Ribs NL 07
MAJR Products US 07
Makita UK 07
MAN Nutzfahrzeuge DE 0507
Marioff Corporation FI 0507
Maritime Australia AU 0507
Marlow Ropes UK 010307 Guess what?
Marshall SV Uk 07
Marshall SV UK 07
Martec CA 030507 Engineering modelling software.
Martek Power UK 07
Mason Controls US 07
MASS Consultants UK 01030507 Radar signal analysis, radar countermeasures... you want to hire a team of geeks for a top secret project?
MAST (Maritime Systems & Technologies) UK 07
MAST Carbon Advanced Products UK 07
Mathews Associates/MIL Power US 0507
Matrox Vite UK 07
Matt Black Systems UK 07
Maybrey Reliance UK 07
Maycast-Nokes Precision Engineering UK 0507
Mayflower Technology UK 0507
Mazagon Dockyard IN 07
McGeoch Technology UK 01030507 Wire. And plugs.
MDH Defence UK 030507 Nuclear, Biological + Chemical shelters.
Med-Eng Systems CA 07
MEGE Teknik TR 07
Meggitt US 07
Meggitt Defence Systems UK 030507 Model planes for overgrown boys: target drones, and now drooling about the possibility of arming them...
Merc Engineering UK 07
Metal Injection Mouldings UK 030507 What it says on the tin, in Altrichnam.
Metalweb UK 07
MetOcean Data Systems CA 07
Mettex UK 07
Microlab RF UK 07
Midwest Microwave UK 07
Miilux Oy FI 07
Mil Police Equipment UK 07
Milfoam International UK 07
Milkor ZA 07
Milkor USA US 07
Milliken & Company US 07
Mils Electronic AT 07
Milsys UK UK 0507
Mine Safety Appliances US 07
Minewolf Systems CH 07
Mishra Dhatu Nigam IN 07
MIT Publishing UK 07
MJ Services UK 07
MKEK TR 0307 Components for guns.
MKW Engineering UK 030507 Design, machining and project management.
MMG Magdev UK 07
MoD Defence Contracts Bulletin UK 01030507 Arms wanted ads.
Modis International UK 07
MOH-9 Armour Ceramics ZA 07
Montague Bicycles UK 07
Moonraker AU 07
Morgan Armour UK 07
Mowag CH 0507
MPC Products US 07
MPE UK 0507
MRP Systems UK 07
MS Instruments UK 07
MSI Defence UK 01030507 Naval guns, military diving gear, NBC shelters in ISO container form...
MTU UK 0107
Muirhead Aerospace UK 01030507 "Design & Manufacture of Precision Electro-Mechanical Servo Components, Motors and Transducers."
Multi-Contact UK 07
Multipart Defence UK 07
Musthane FR 0507
N ^
Nacre NO 0507
Nammo NO 07
National Company Romarm RO 0507 Armoured vehicles, guns big and small, rockets... and it's up for sale!
National Instruments UK 07
Navantia ES 07
Navy BMD US 01030507 The Navy wants a bit of Star Wars.
NBC-Sys FR 07
Nedinsco NL 07
Netherlands Defence Manufacturers Association (NIID) NL 030507
Netherlands Ministry of Defence NL 030507 What it says.
Neuro Logic Systems US 07
Newcon Optik CA 030507 Night vision, range finders, image stabilisers...
Newton Equipment UK 07
Nexter FR 07
NIC Instruments UK 07
Night Vision Optics ZA 0507
Nightsearcher UK 07
Nobel Energetics UK 030507 Stuff that goes 'bang!'
Nordseewerke DE 0507
Norsat CA 07
Northern Diver UK 07
Northrop Grumman Italia IT 07
Nova Electric US 07
NP Aerospace UK 01030507 Some keywords: 'Ballistic Protection, Armoured Vehicles, Bomb Disposal Suit, Combat Helmets, Body Armour, Aircraft Seating, EOD Suit, Protection, Police, Combat, Courtaulds, Helmets, UK, MOD, Coventry, Riot Shield, Disposable Suit, Police Protection, UK Police Protection, Combat Protection, UK Combat Protection, Combat Protection UK, Ballistic Protection UK, UK Ballistic Protection, MOD Ballistic Protection, Ballistic Protection...'
NP Aerospace Jordan JO 0507
NSGDatacom UK 07
NSSL UK 030507 'integrated satellite and IT communication solutions'
NT CadCam UK 07
N-Vision Optics US 07
O ^
Oakley UK 07
Octec UK 01030507 'rugged, real-time image processing solutions'. May include attempts at suspicious-behaviour-detection? Website rather discreet.
ODIM Spectrum CA 07
Offshore Systems CA 07
OIP Sensor Systems BE 0507
Omni International TR 07
Omnipol CZ 07
OMP Engineering IT 07
OPNET Technologies UK 0507
Oppstech UK 07
Optical Cable US 07
Optical Filters UK 07
Optix BG 0507
OptronItalia IT 07
Orbit International US 0507
Oritest CZ 0507
Osborn Metals UK 030507 Extruded metal, cold-drawn metal...
Otis Products US 0507
OTM Servo Mechanism UK 0507
Oto Melara IT 0507
Outdoor Hassan Collection PK 07
OWR AG DE 0507
Oxley Group UK 07
Ozturk Container TR 07
P ^
P&P Technology UK 07
PA Consulting Group UK 07
Pakistan Ordnance Factories PK 030507 Now, if you were going to ask about landmines, who would you ask? Definitely ammunition from small arms to anti-aircraft.
Palomar Products US 07
Pambry Electronics UK 07
Panasonic UK 07
Panavision US 07
Pandect UK 07
Par Freight Services UK 07
Paramount Panels UK 030507 Knobs, switches, lighting, cockpit displays...
Parker Hannifin UK UK 030507 Flight controls, hydraulics, fuel systems, supermarket checkouts...
Parmley Technologies UK 0507
Parsec ZA 07
Pascall Electronics UK 030507 Power supplies, microwave kit...
Patapsco Design UK 07
Patey (London) UK 07
Pathfinder UK 07
Patria FI 01030507 Armoured Vehicles. Owned by the state of Finland (73%) and EADS.
Patria Czech CZ 07
Patriot Antennas US 07
Paxcon UK UK 0507
PDH Enterprises UK 07
PDM Neptec UK 030507 Wiring and plugs.. but underwater.
Pearson Engineering UK 01030507 Combat bulldozers & mine ploughs
PEComposites UK 07
PEI Genesis UK 0507
Peli Products UK 0507
Permac Electronics UK 07
Permali Gloucester UK 01030507 Fibreglass bits.
Persides UK 07
Petards UK 0507 Security cameras; Joyce-Lobel division does "spares for commercial and millitary applications including radio and satellite communications, radar, electronic warfare equipment, secure data terminals, control equipment and power supplies".
Peters & May UK 07
Pewag AT 030507 Chains
Phi@Falmouth UK 07
Photonic Science UK 07
PI Castings UK 01030507 Er, metal bits.
PI Research UK 07
Plansee - TMS US 07
Plasan Sasa IL 0507
Plath DE 0507
Plextek UK 01030507 'product and systems design for communications, aerospace, defence and medical applications'
Plexus Corp UK UK 0307
PML Flightlink UK 030507 Motors and joysticks.
Polamco UK 01030507 More fucking plugs.
Police Resources International UK 0507 Uniforms, rucksacks, camping kit... or so they say...
Policské strojírny CZ 07
Pompe Garbarino IT 0507
Port-A-Cool US 07
Portsmouth Aviation UK 01030507 'manufacture and supply of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Air Filtration Units'
Powerfilm US 07
Powerflex IT 0507
PPG Aerospace UK 0507
Precision Devices UK 07
Primetake UK 0507
Production Engineering Solutions UK 0507
Proengin FR 07
Prometheus Medical UK 07
Protel Solutions UK 07
PS Marsden UK 07
PW Defence UK 01030507 Subsidiary of Chemring: 'In May 2002 the BBC reported that, the previous month, a BBC journalist posing as a member of a security firm in London had been offered five hundred illegal anti-personnel landmines by PW Defence's regional marketing manager. According to Landmine Action, the weapon offered was a 'high explosive fragmentation grenade fitted with a trip-wire... therefore it is an anti-personnel mine and banned under the Landmines Act 1998.' - CAAT.
Q ^
QinetiQ UK 01030507 Lately the Royal Radar Establishment, Malvern and more recently the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA), now privatised.
Qioptiq UK 07
Quantum 3D US 0507
Quantum CAD UK 07
Quentor UK 0307
Quintec Associates UK 0307 Consultants
Quorum Logistics Support UK 030507 'Ensuring supportability through the focused application of Integrated Logistic Support'. Blech. Spare us the tautologies. Privatised quartermaster's clerks, it seems.
R ^
Rabintex IL 07
Racal Acoustics UK 0507
Radiall FR 07
Radixon Systems AU 0507
Rafael IL 01030507 Fighter planes. Missiles. Anti-Aircraft.
Rainford EMC Systems UK 0307 anechoic rooms and electronic and elecromagnetic-pulse (EMP) shielding
Rainford Group UK 07 Equipment cabinets
Rapid Mobile ZA 07
Rapiscan UK 07
Raven Research UK 07
Raytheon US 01030507 Electronics, planes, missiles, cruise missiles, radar...
RDI Communications ZA 0507
Real Time Consultants UK 0307 approved supplier of Security Cleared software contractors to Ministry of Defence establishments and other secured Government Agencies
Reelcraft International UK 0507
Remploy Frontline UK 07
Renk 0107
Renown Engineering UK 030507 Tank wheels.
Resilience Communications UK 07
Reson DK 010307 Sonar
Resqmax (UK) UK 07
Reutech Radar Systems ZA 0507
Revision Eyewear CA 0507
RFD Beaufort UK 030507 Flight suits, liferafts...
Ricardo UK 0507
Richmond EEI (Rockford Group) UK 01030507 ?
Righton UK 07
RMB Security UK 07
Robusta BV NL 07
Rockford Components UK 030507 Wiring. Plugs.
Rockwell Collins US 01030507 Aviation electronics, navigations displays, communications..
Roda Computer DE 07
Rojone AU 07
Roke Manor Research UK 01030507 A Siemens company; digital radio, etc. And technology for detecting Stealth planes - their annoucement, if they've not suppressed it, is here.
Roketsan TR 07
Roll-A-Ramp UK 07
Rolls Royce UK 01030507 Jet/turbine engines for planes and warships; rocket engines for missiles; nuclear reactor systems for submarines. (Nothing to do with the cars, anymore.)
Roshield DK 0507
Rösler UK UK 07
Roxel (merger of Celerg and Royal Ordnance Rocket Motors) FR 030507 Rocket motors
Royston UK 07
RUAG CH 030507 See below
RUAG Aerospace CH 030507 Aircraft manufacture, anti-aircraft missiles...
RUAG Ammotec CH 030507 Small arms ammunition and 'less lethal' ammo, e.g. rubber bullets
RUAG Electronics CH 030507 Communications and simulation
RUAG Land Systems CH 030507 Artillery and ammo.
Rubb Building Systems UK 030507 Large temporary buildings.
Rubber Design NL 0507
Rud Chains US 01030507 Er, chains.
Rugged Systems UK 01030507 Computers you can drop. Or leave near squaddies.
Runflat International UK 0507
Rutter Technologies CA 0507
S ^
S.Com UK 07
SAAB SE 01030507 Not just cars, but fighter planes and Bofors missiles and guns (and bribes, according the Criminal Investigations Bureau in India).
SAAB Danmark DK 07
Saab Systems AU 0507
Sabritec UK 07
Safety Power UK 07
Saft UK 030507 Batteries
Sage Products US 07
SAIL LABS Technology AT 030507 Speech recognition. Plus 'media mining'... 'indexing live news feeds and multimedia archives in Real Time'... hmm...
Saint-Gobain Ceramics US 0507
Samel 90 BG 07
Samson US 07
Sarkar Defence UK 07
Sarsen Technology UK 07
Sarsilmaz TR 07
Sascal Displays UK 01030507 Radar screens, flat panel displays, jobbing electronic assembly...
Satcom Global UK 07
Satmap Systems UK 07
Saygrove UK 07
Scaglia Indeva UK 07
Scanfiber Composites DK 0507
Scepter CA 07
SCH Technologies UK 07
Schott North America US 07
Schuberth DE 07
Scotty Group AT 07
SEA (Group) UK 01030507 Sonar, sonar seabed mapping, virtual battlefield for training...
Seacon Phoenix US 0507
Seaeye Marine UK 030507 Remote-controlled underwater vehicles.
SEI Industries CA 010507
Select Cables UK 0507
Selex Communications IT 0507
Selex Sensors and Airborne Systems UK 0507
Selex Sistemi Integrati IT 0507
Semelab UK 07
Sener Ingenieria y Sistemas ES 0507
Sennheiser Government Systems US 030507 Soldier communications. The microphone/headphone people?
Sensor Technology Systems UK 0507
SERT FR 0507
Shakespeare Company US 030507 Radio aerials.
Shipham Valves UK 0507
Siegrist-Orel UK 07
Signature Industries UK 030507 Walkie-talkies; alarms.
Silcotec Europe IE 0507
Silver Software UK 07
Silynx Communications US 07
Simmel Difesa UK 07
Simrad Optronics UK 01030507 Laser target designators and gunsights, night vision.
Simulia UK 07
Sioen BE 0507
SMART Technologies CA 0507
Smith & Jewell UK 07
Smiths Detection UK 030507 Promises to detect explosives, nuclear chemical and biological agents... and now biometrics for access control.
Socitec FR 0507
SOFEX JO 0507 Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference in Jordan...
SOG Specialty Knives US 07
Solid Terrain Modeling US 07
Soltam Systems IL 0507
Solutions from Silicon AU 0507
Sound-To-Go UK 07
Souriau UK 07
Spanish Ministry of Defence ES 0507
Spartan Europe UK 07
Speakerbus UK 0507 Videoconferencing
Specialist Antennas UK 07
Specialty Fasteners UK 030507 Nuts, bolts, hydraulic hose connectors...
SPG Media UK 0507
Spinner GmbH DE 07
SS White Industrial UK 07
SSI Schaefer DE 07
SSZ CH 0507
Stanley Vidmar US 07
Staubli (UK) UK 07
Steria UK 07
Stevenage Circuits UK 07
Steyr Mannlicher AT 030507 Assault rifles, sniper rifles and pistols
Steyr Motors AT 0507 Diesels
Stidd Systems US 0507
Stone Foundries UK 07
Stonehaven Engineering UK 030507 Portable buildings - freezers, bogs, laundries...
Stop Choc UK 01030507 Shock absorbers.
Stratos UK 01030507 Satellite and mobile communications.
SULA Systems UK 0507
Sun Microsystems NL 07
Swe-Dish Satellite Systems SE 0507
Symetrics Industries US 01030507 Electronic warfare (e.g. jamming)... and the 99-gram 'GATOR Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) is the newest 'spy-in-the sky'.'
Synergetix UK 07
SyntheSys UK 07
Systematic Software Engineering UK 010307
Systems Consultants Services UK 0507
Systems Sunlight GR 07
SystemWare Inc (or Europe) US 01030507 Management software.
T ^
Taco Communications CA 07
Tactical Technologies CA 07
Tactiq UK 07
Tadiran Batteries DE 07
Tait Europe UK 07
Tangent Link UK 07
Target Group TR 07
TBG Solutions UK 07
TC Shielding UK 07
Tcherno More BG 07
Team Australia AU 030507 'Australian Government and industry representation to showcase Australia's innovative defence and' blah.
TEC ZA 010307
Technical Ordnance Inc. US 07
Technolitas UAB LT 07
Tecnovia Group NL 07
Tedopres International NL 07
Teijin Twaron GmbH DE 030507 Bullet-resistant vests, gaskets, big bungies,
Teknoflex UK 030507 Bendy circuit boards
Telelogic UK UK 030507 Software systems for systems development. We think. Yup: 'What is the special ingredient needed to transform development tools into a solution?'
Teleplan NO 07
Telindus UK 07
Tellumat ZA 030507 Radar, air traffic control, communications...
Temet Oy FI 07
Tenet Technology UK 01030507 Digital mapping and displays
Tenix Defence AU 0507
Terma DK 07
Terralogic UK 07
Tescom UK 07
TFD Group US 07
Thales EU 01030507 Major defence and aerospace company - fighter planes etc
Thatchreed UK 0507
The Real Time Data Company UK 07
Thermacore UK 07
Thermo Electron (Erlangen) DE 07
Thermoteknix UK 07
Third Dimension UK 07
Thistle Garments UK 0507
Thomas Jacks UK 07
Thunderline Z UK 07
ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems DE 0507
Time 24 UK 030507 Website has pics of wiring things up. And nothing else.
Times Microwave US 07
Timsan TR 07
Tods UK 07
Top Of The Range UK 0307
Trabzon Silah Sanayii TR 07
Transaero US 07
Transistor Devices US 07
Traxsys UK 07
Trelleborg Defence Technologies UK 0507
Trifibre UK 07
Trijicon US 0507
Tritech Group UK 07
TRL Technology UK 01030507 Radio & satellite communications.
Trovan ID UK UK 07
Truck Lite US 0507 Lights and reflectors
Tru-Form UK 07
Truvelo Manufacturers ZA 0307
TSS International UK 0507 gyroscopes (S G Brown group)
TT electronic manufacturing services UK 030507 Assemble, er, thingies they don't talk about
Tufcoat UK 07
Tulip Development Laboratory US 0507 Flat panel displays
Tulmar Safety Systems CA 07
Turner Electronics UK 07
Twisted Pair Solutions US 0507 Computer etc networking
TX Immersive UK 07
Tyco Electronics UK 01030507 Radios, components, RFID readers...
Typhoon International UK 030507 Diving gear
U ^
UK Hydrographic Office UK 01030507 Charts.
Ulis FR 07
Ultra Electronics UK 01030507 Sonar, communications, controlls for unpiloted planes...
Ultra Electronics Datel UK 0307 Preston
Ultra Electronics Electrics Division UK 07
Ultra Electronics PMES UK 0307 Rugely: Avionics, sonar...
Ultra Electronics SML UK 07
Ultracell US 07
Ultralife Batteries UK 01030507 Er, batteries.
Umega AB LT 07
Undersea Defence Technology UK 07
Union Industries UK 07
United Scientific Instruments UK 030507 Ammunition, rifle sights...
Universal Target Systems UK 01030507 Drones, for shooting at
URC Systems CZ 07
UrgenceConsult CA 07
Urovesa ES 07
US Army US 0507
US Army PEO Soldier US 07
US Embassy US 07
UTM UK 030507 Ammunition (based in Mildenhall)
V ^
Valcom CA 010307
Van Halteren NL 07
VASTech SA ZA 07
Vectronix CH 07
Veletrhy BRNO CZ 0507
Vestjysk Hydraulik DK 07
Victorinox CH 030507 Swiss Army Knives.
Viking Arms UK 0507 Gun dealer in Harrogate
Vinghřg NO 07
Vislink Communications UK 07
Vista Systems US 07
Vitelec Electronics UK 07
Vizada FR 07
Vocality International UK 0507
Volex UK 030507 Wiring harnesses
Voller Energy UK 07
VOP 025 Nový Jicín CZ 07
VOP Dolní Bousov CZ 07
VT Group UK 01030507 Warships, and nuclear submarines (formerly Vosper Thornycroft).
W ^
Wallop Defence Systems UK 0507
Wärtsila FI 07
Wavecom Electronik CH 07
Weibel Scientific DK 07
Welwyn Components UK 0507
Westermo Teleindustri SE 07
WFEL UK 0507 Instant bridges
Whippendell Marine UK 07
WICO Nederland NL 07
Wiley X Eyewear US 0507
WillBurt Company US 07
Wiseled ApS DK 07
WL Gore & Associates UK 0507
Wolvega Composites NL 07
Worldcell US 07
Wurth Electronics UK 07
WX Geosystems CH 07
Wyedean Weaving Company UK 07
X ^
XCEL Power Systems UK 0507
XP UK 0507
Y ^
Yakupoglu TR 07
Yaltes AS TR 07
Yugoimport YU 0507
Yuksek Teknoloji TR 07
Z ^
Zarges (UK) UK 07
Zen Technologies IN 0507
Zero Cases UK 030507 Aluminium boxes
Zhendre FR 030507 Refrigeration
ZM Bumar Labedy PL 07
ZM Mesko PL 0507
ZM Tarnow PL 0507 Machine tools... and machine guns
Zok International UK 07
ZPS Pionki PL 07
You will note that the total of around 1036 exhibitors in 2007 is inflated by duplicate entries from large corporations and does not take account of no-shows.


DSEi 2001 seminars concentrated on globalisation, strangely enough. In 2003 they did multinational operations and unmanned systems. In 2005 they did unmanned systems.

In 2005 they have a conference with sessions on:

  • Strategic Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Business and Battle Space Network Implementation
  • Human Capital Transformation

and workshops on:

  • Partnering: The Key To A Winning Defence Team
  • Developing the 2012 Generation of Human Capital
  • Innovative Strategies to Win Business in the US Defence Market
  • Meeting New Challenges in Defence Acquisition
  • Delivering an Olympic Games: End-to-End Assurance in a Collaborative Multi-Partner Environment
  • Meet The US Primes
  • The ABCs Of Supplier Performance Management - An Introduction To 21st Century Supply Chain
  • Introduction to Defence Exporting
  • The UK MOD Competition of Ideas
  • Performance-Based Contracting: Support Chain Metrics And Measurement
  • Support Chain Optimisation for Performance-Based Contracting
  • How To Do Business With the UK MOD and Defence Industry Primes as an SME