Fiesta guide

a publication to explain the reasons behind the Fiesta


On 11-14 September 2001 the Defence Systems and Equipment international (DSEi) arms fair will be held at the newly built Excel centre in Docklands, London. It's the largest arms fair in Europe. In response a group of activists Disarm DSEi have called for a Fiesta for Life against Death on the first day. The Fiesta is just one of many actions planned against DSEi, from Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT)'s march and vigil, to "affinity group" actions.

This text explains the reasons behind the Fiesta, and why the struggle against the arms trade should not be seen as a single issue. Further to that, it is a tool for action. The point is not to wait around for an organisation or party to arrange things for you, but to take control over your own life.

You can download the entire guide as a PDF file. It prints as two sides of A3, it's 327kb, and you'll need the free Acrobat reader program.

THE ONLY ARMS WE NEED - a guide to the fiesta

* Affinity groups are small groups built on trust and face to face relationships. Their history is often traced to the Spanish civil war, and they have been a key part of successful Direct Action campaigns for years.