20 July 1998

The Green, Black and Red Paper on transport

1 The private car is to be banned from central London and all major UK conurbations as of midnight on Monday July 20th; trams will be reintroduced; all emergency vehicles (except police) will be permitted. M25 to be closed down and converted into the world's largest (circular) organic allotment. Money from cancelled widening scheme (and abolition of market economy) will be ploughed into the following projects:

2 All public transport is to become free to the public as of the same date.

3 Tube privatisation is to be scrapped, with public investment quadrupled in order to improve reliability, safety, environmental impact, working conditions and frequency of service. Oh, and busking underground will be made lawful and unlicensed. Overground railways will be deprivatised.

4 The Motorists' Charter will have one clause, promising minimum numbers of cones and tripods per kilometer. The order of priority of means of transportation will be:

  1. pedestrian
  2. cyclist
  3. train
  4. bus/coach
  5. motorcycle
  6. taxi
  7. and finally, right at the bottom, car and aeroplane.

A Tripods Hotline will be established.

5 All car ads will carry a health warning mentioning the most recent years' road fatalities.

6 Commemorative plaques and organic allotments will be unveiled at the sites of all UK Reclaim the Streets parties since 1995, (i.e. Camden, Islington, Bristol, Oxford, M41 west London, Sheffield, Cardiff, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Brighton, Birmingham, Tottenham, Brixton, Bristol, Leeds etc.

This Paper was launched with a subvertising campaign on the day that the UK government announced its White Paper.

This Paper is participatory: if you have a contribution, send it, telling us whether or how you want to be credited.

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