Reclaim the Streets?

Surely information wants to be free?
It depends: Mr Gates and Mr Murdoch, f'rinstance, want it to be free to them, so they can sell it to you at 100% profit.

SO:You are hereby granted a license to make copies of all works on the Reclaim the Streets site so long as

  • those copies are used in the context of action to reclaim public space from capitalism; and
  • you neither make any charge for access to or viewing of those copies nor permit any charge to be made; and
  • those copies are presented with a link to this notice.

Ownership of all works on the Reclaim the Streets site remains with the individuals which created it. They assert their Moral Rights in those works including the right to be identified or to remain anonymous and the right to maintain the integrity of those works.

Or, in English with punctuation and not to be used by lawyers:

Lots of people involved with Reclaim the Streets are anarchists. They would never dream of launching a lawsuit. Lots of people who have allowed their works to be used on this site are members of trade unions - which have no such anarchist scruples. Anarchists, anyway, have other recourse. So, Bill'n'Rupe: if you or anyone else starts profiteering from these people's works or distorts them in any way, you'll regret it.

So now you know. Of course all you friendly people can make copies.

Anyone who does want to use any works from this site for commercial purposes should ask to be put in touch with the authors or photographers.