Hull Street Party, 23 May 1998

Hull RTS this saturday went very neatly, police panicking and calling up or on anyone who was everyone for weeks before hand, then on the day they largely stood back, (having scared off the bigger soundsystem somehow it seems...) and did a deal which meant that after a few hours of tripodless party everyone trooped off through the middle of town to sit in the crossroads for a bit outside the Hull Daily Snail sorry Mail, then to the park to chill out in trees and grass - though the sound system was not allowed in and instead escorted halfway to Beverley by police outriders!

2 arrests as far as I know: one geezer was being a bit lary then spraypainted a bus behind the main (still moving) crowd which was a bit daft really considering the number of cops about, the other I don't know he was apparently just snatched for skinning up but may have been wanted from before... dunno I wasn't there.

so anyway, Hull held its own against major competition from the far more groovy Lancaster, and a good day was had by almost all - to the extent that the Hull Daily said on Monday that 'street protest has a party mood' with a completely mellow report, pictures of smiling girls and children playing with sand and not a hint of the 'sinister RTS organisation' in sight. Oh well!

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