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The New Tube
The New Tube

A new quality service for our most valued customers

How you can help make the Tube work for you

Cash-starved as the Tube is, we can't give this ground-breaking development the publicity it deserves without your assistance. So we're providing this artwork to you for free. Please help!

business.gif (17k, 1754 x 1240) Deter the dross from your carriages with this sticker...
cattle.gif (17k) ...and helpfully show them where to go with this one. Your very own Social Exclusion Unit!
business.pdf (345k) And here's the flyer advertising the New Tube. It's a large file, but worth it. (Needs Adobe Acrobat viewer.)
roundel0.gif (9k) Some geek said we should post this...
roundelb.gif (13k) ...and this...
roundelc.gif (11k) ...and this. Apparently if you can use them you'll know what they're for.
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