- dozens of
groups against DSE
dozens of different ways of opposing it
The arms traders
who are they, what do they sell?
street party
a street party
Met 4pm, Rathbone Market, London E16
Trust the Magic Railway to get it spot on:
Silverlink trains are subject to severe delays: this is due to the Arms Fair at Custom House and Spectacle problems attached to it.

Heard (just possibly misheard) at Prince Albert station, 18:00-ish. The Docklands Light Railway was blocked at least five times and the Jubilee Line at least once. Men in Suits wandering around the oh-so-gritty industrial wastelands off Silverlink Way (no relation) were very jumpy: a mere smile made them flinch and the question [Inspector voice] "what do you have in the briefcase Sir?" had them ready to surrender...

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Some history: Fiesta for life against death 09/11/2001
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And for older readers, "Father of the H-bomb" Edward Teller died on 10 September 2003. No flowers.